Precision Missile Actuation

Fin Control Actuation Systems (CAS)

Moog is a world leader in the design, development, and production of Fin Control Actuation Systems (FCAS). This sophisticated subsystem controls the position of the missile fins in response to steering commands from the flight computer. The typical FCAS consists of four actuators and associated control electronics all integrated into a ring that matches the outer mold line of the missile. To add further value to our system offering, Moog also produces a single board computer, capable of processing all Guidance, Navigation, and FCAS control through the convenience of a single device.

Over the years, Moog has been called upon to solve some of the most complicated control system challenges. Through application of Pneumatic and Electromechanical Actuation, Moog has consistently supplied state of the art solutions that are both reliable and affordable.



  • Electronic Design and Fabrication
  • Motor Design and Fabrication
  • Modular Assemblies
  • High Power Density, Compact
  • HALT/HASS, EMI, Environmental Test Facilities


  • Reduced Cost
  • Short Development Cycle
  • Rapid Prototype Capability
  • Flight Proven Production